Interview met David Van Reybrouck over burgerberaden

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Interview van Annick van Rinsum met David Van Reybrouck. Vanaf 9m:17s vertelt Van Reybrouck over burgerloting: hoe het allemaal begon, over Ostbelgien, en over klimaatberaden (Pakhuis de Zwijger, 19 juni 2021).

Uit de podcast:

'I will stop writing books on the past. Lots of my time now are not going into books. It's going into talking to politicians, talking to activists, trying to convince them, like folks, we have one more chance, we have one great tool, it's perhaps the best instrument we have right now, this is what we should do to make climate policy possible.'

'The question is not whether Holland should organize a climate assembly. Of course it should! It should organize one every year! And it should tackle four or five questions, topical questions, every year. And that way you make sure that people have more time to deliberate on the topics, and you also make sure that more people get involved with the decision-making process. (...) You have Prinsjesdag to talk about the budget - have Earth Day to talk about where you are with your climate policy. It's more important. It's also about budget: it's about your
carbon budget.'


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