Interview over een tweede, gelote kamer in Schotse parlement

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Interview over een Citizens' Chamber, een tweede kamer in het Schotse parlement: een kamer met gelote burgers.

Uit de podcast:

'This is a wonderful opportunity, to do something that nowhere else in the world does like this, and really create a new kind of democracy.'

'This is an area where presumably Scotland can be pioneering.'

'If it is implemented well, then I think it could spread.'

'So you can see that this idea of the people of that area having a direct, scrutinizing role in a particular level of government, that's very scalable. So you can have it at national level, you can have it at local level, you can have it at regional level (...)  If you build this in as a core part of your democracy, than it's less about one particular body, but the principle of citizens and residents of the country having that oversight over their politicians, rather than the other way around.'

Bron: The Common Weal Policy Podcast – Episode #68: Citizens! Assemble!, 11 november 2020

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