Is democracy doomed to fail us in the long term?

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Matthew Taylor praat met Graham Smith en Claudia Chwalisz, beide werkend aan de bevordering van de toepassing van  burgerberaden, over het probleem van de lange termijn bij verkiezingen.

Chwalisz: 'We are starting to see some growing in awareness and understanding of deliberative democracy amongst the wider public. (...) And some of the most recent polling that we've seen, just two or three weeks ago, CEVIPOF published polling from France, the UK, Germany and Italy which actually showed that there's been a move in the public sense of whether these processes should even be advisory or binding. With the majority in all countries, 63 percent of people thinking that if there's a citizens assembly that gets initiated by a public authority its recommendations should be binding. Which I think is a testament to the sense of trust that people place in other citizens like them participating in such processes.'

4 mei 2021

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