Social and Economic Council focusing on citizens' assemblies

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 27-07-2023 - 18:57

Whereas in France the CESE was given the official role of organizer of citizens' assemblies, the Dutch equivalent SER (Social and Economic Council) has no such role (yet), but has started to give attention them. The second 2023 issue (pdf) of its magazine 'Zicht op' ('View on') was entirely devoted to citizens' participation, and as part of that, author and citizens' assembly advocate Eva Rovers wrote an article ('Organize them well, or don't organize them at all'). SER chairman Mr. Kim Putters expressed his support for citizens' assemblies in an article that was published in one of the main newspapers de Volkskrant. The SCP (Institute for Social Research) however warned: citizens' assemblies can be a good tool to get citizens involved, but get them involved at an early stage in order to let them have meaningful influence.